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In the midst of a calm and serene wooded site in the southern part of Tehran, Mofarah Hospital quietly carries out its central role for Yakhchiabad’s residents, serving them with dedication, care and enthusiasm.

The pleasant environment of the hospital, isolated from the crowded and congested city, is most suitable for recovery and wellbeing of its patients.


This non-profitable hospital was established in 1942 by Abolghassem Mofarah. It is financially supported by its founder's endowment. This income has allowed the hospital to provide quality health services at a minimum cost to its patients, especially to those that cannot afford the rates of regular health institutions.


Mofarah Hospital, initially established as a maternity hospital, has gradually grown to a 90 bed general hospital that now encompasses several departments that include:  the General Surgical Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Acute Care, Hemo-Dialysis, Out-Patient Clinic and many others. A new building was completed on the original site in 1988. This new and well equipped building, with updated and extensive facilities, provides outstanding health services through its qualified physicians, technicians and personnel.


Through constant improvement and expansion of the hospital, especially in more diverse fields, patients will continue to receive even better medical treatment and this will assure that Mofarah Hospital maintains its first grade rank appointed by the official health authorities.


The commitment of the institution’s personnel and the respect that all personnel have towards the patients are the roots of the hospital’s success and these are directly attributable to the goodwill and charitable nature of the humanist founder of the hospital .



About us